Quick Answer: How Do You Double Check Work?

What are the 3 Befores?

Right patient.

Right medication.

Right dose.

Right route.

Right time/frequency.

Right reason.

Right documentation.

Right response..

Why is checking your work important?

People sometimes dismiss paying too much attention to the “look” of a presentation by claiming that it’s the substance that is important. This ignores the connections people make between content and visual quality. To help avoid casual errors, always double-check your work before publishing or sending.

How do you use double check in a sentence?

10. The pharmaceutist double check to make sure she didn’t misread the prescription….Double check that you have an invoice to match every check.Afterwards double check the plan – especially if you are not sure about something.When shoots can be seen, double check that none of the tubers are upside down.More items…•May 11, 2017

Can you double check?

To double-check means to review something twice, to be sure that no mistakes have been made. When accuracy is extremely important, one may be asked to triple-check data. However, triple-check is not currently a word recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary.

How do you double check in math?

If you had to add or multiply a series of numbers when you answered the problem, redo the calculation, but do it in reverse order. For example, if the problem required that you add 7+15+18+22 when you did the problem, add the numbers in order 22+18+15+7 when you double check your work.

Is Double confirm grammatically correct?

If you’re using the word “confirm” to verify something, just use the word “confirm”. To add “double” before “confirm” is unnecessary because “confirm” already implies something is definite. If you’ve already confirmed something once, and you would like to confirm it again, you can use the word “reconfirm”.

Does double-checking reduce medication errors?

Double-checking, when performed independently by two people, and carried out selectively (in high-risk situations, patient populations and, with high-alert medications) has been shown to reduce medication administration errors.

What is it called when someone checks your work?

inspector. noun. an official whose job is to check that things are in the correct condition or that people are doing what they should.

What’s another word for double check?

What is another word for double-check?crosscheckdocumentsubstantiatevalidateverifyconfirmsupportproveauthenticatecertify135 more rows

How do you find work in math?

Helping Students Learn How to Check Math Work Redo every problem, on a separate piece of paper, without looking at the work that was already done (when they look at the work they already did, it influences them and they sometimes make the same mistake again). … Use the opposite operation to check, if possible. … Ask whether the answer is logical.More items…•Feb 19, 2017

How will you check if your solution is correct?

If the numbers you get from evaluating the two expressions are the same, then the given value is a solution of the equation (makes the equation true). If the numbers don’t match, the given value is not a solution of the equation (makes the equation false).

How do you say make sure formally?

assurecinch.clinch.complete.confirm.ensure.guarantee.have a lock on.ice.More items…

What does a double check valve do?

The double check valve only allows water to flow through in one direction, therefore, preventing backflow of potential contaminants. To install, simply push the valve fully on to the pipe.

Why is double checking important?

Double checking is an intervention that can catch problems before they cause harm to the patient, and as such often prevents the reporting of near misses. The double check process was seen as a risk mitigation technique, and reporting the near miss was not viewed as beneficial.

What is the meaning of double check?

double check. Definition of double check (Entry 2 of 2) : a careful checking to determine accuracy, condition, or progress especially of something already checked.

What is a double check in chess?

Double check is a fairly rare but especially powerful form of discovered attack. As in other forms of discovered attack, moving one piece reveals an attack from another piece. In this case, though, both the piece being moved and the piece being uncovered are used to attack the king.

What does educated mean?

1 : having an education especially : having an education beyond the average educated speakers. 2a : giving evidence of training or practice : skilled educated hands. b : befitting one that is educated educated taste. c : based on some knowledge of fact an educated guess.