Question: What’S The Best Thing To Order At IHOP?

What does 55 plus mean at IHOP?

Some IHOP have a “Senior Special” where you buy one meal off the senior menu and get one free from 3pm – 6pm.

Age requirement, 55+.

Most locations will offer a 10% discount and may also provide a senior menu with smaller portions and discounted prices.

Some locations may offer a half price dinner one night a week..

Does IHOP use real eggs?

It’s true — IHOP uses powdered or liquid eggs to make scrambled eggs and omelets. But if you ask for real eggs, they’ll be happy to make your meal that way instead for no extra charge.

Why is IHOP expensive?

I suspect that IHOP is expensive for two reasons primarily. Late night schedule – many IHOP locations are open 24/7 which means that they are open during late night hours when there may be less customers than during normal hours.

What is the secret ingredient in IHOP pancakes?

The batter isn’t just used for pancakes And apparently, that’s thanks to a secret ingredient: Pancake batter. IHOP notes this right on their website — under a slew of other disclaimers for each of their omelettes is the statement: “Made with a splash of our famous buttermilk and wheat pancake batter!”

Why are IHOP pancakes so good?

IHOP’s consistent griddle temperature helps to ensure they get the same delicious pancake results with every order. Combine this sweet spot of a surface temp for flipping flapjacks with the cook time they’ve likely got down to a science under one big flashy blue roof, and you’ve got pancake perfection.

What is IHOP famous for?

For 52 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served its world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages. IHOP offers its guests an affordable, everyday dining experience with warm and friendly service.

What’s the special at IHOP?

From 2 pm – 10 pm every day (and later in some locations), get $5 entrees, $3 Snacks and Sides, and $1 or $1.50 beverages! Chicken & Pancakes: Four crispy chicken breast strips with three buttermilk pancakes.

What is the best breakfast at IHOP?

The 7 Healthiest Breakfasts You Can Order At IHOPEgg White Vegetable Omelette. Courtesy of IHOP. … Simple & Fit Two-Egg Breakfast. Courtesy of IHOP. … Create your own omelet. Courtesy of IHOP. … Short stack of pancakes with poached eggs. Courtesy of IHOP. … Weekday breakfast special. Courtesy of IHOP. … Crepe combo. Courtesy of IHOP. … DIY Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity. Courtesy of IHOP.Aug 27, 2018

What is the secret to good pancakes?

For wet ingredients, we love buttermilk. Its acids react with the baking soda, giving your pancakes even more lift and imparting a subtle tang. If you only have milk at your disposal, add a squeeze of lemon to it before mixing into your dry ingredients—the acidity is important in balancing your pancakes’ flavors.

What is the best thing to get at IHOP?

Here are the 5 things chefs would order at IHOP.One chef’s advice is to try ordering off-menu at IHOP. … Try the Simple and Fit breakfast for a lighter meal. … The steak tips at IHOP come highly recommended. … Load up on protein with an omelet at IHOP. … Of course, you can’t go wrong with pancakes.Sep 11, 2019

What day is Senior Day at IHOP?

WednesdayHowever, their best attribute is that they offer a 50% discount on the entire meal for seniors from 2 pm to 9 pm every Wednesday! This is a great bargain for seniors who are on a fixed income.

Does IHOP give any discounts?

Yes! IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is pleased to provide its customers with many special discounts, including senior citizen discounts (ages 55+ only), military member discounts and university student discounts.